VR Experience Game Zone

The 1F LOHAS World opens from 7:00 to 23:30. It creates a diverse and rich leisure entertainment world. Taiwan's first hotel setup with virtual reality experience spaces. VR gaming consoles and the experience area integrates technology and vacation, providing a dynamic relaxing and leisure experience.

The VR offers an exciting roller coaster journey. Ride a bike into Alishan. Ride a horse into the wild west. Experience 6 exciting and fun VR gaming consoles.

【Show Time】is a mini cinema for your precious kids. We wish you enjoy these selected movies/animations with your loved ones during the stay in Asia Pacific Hotel.

The Table Game Area offers 2 table footballs and floating balls. Via the interactive and exciting competitive games, enjoy a great family time. The table footballs and floating balls are beloved by both the adults and children for the purpose of improving their family relationships and friendships. It provides the guests a room to use for free and play in.

Daily Opening Hours: 09:40-10:40 | 16:40-17:40 | 19:00-20:00
Refer to on-site public announcement. Sudden changes will not be notified

Reservations: Reserve directly from the LOHAS World counter

Usage Regulations:

  • This facility is for room guests only.
  • 1 free use with door cards.
  • Only 1 out of 6 facilities can be chosen. Additional purchases required for additional plays.

Play Time: Mon-Fri at 16:30 / 19:30 Sat & Sun will add one more show at 09:30

  • Complimentary entrance ONLY for tenants, reservation is required and can be arranged upon check in. Reservation can be held up to 10 minutes, and no entrance access will be granted if ones are late or / and leave for / during the show.
  • Maximum capacity : 16 People per show.
  • The vanue will be sanitized after every show.
  • Due to following epidemic prevention measures, checkerboard seating is compulsively. Furthermore, NO food and bevarage allowed in the cinema.

Opening Hours: AM8:00-PM10:00 daily
Refer to on-site public announcement. Sudden changes will not be notified

Reservations: Reserve directly from LOHAS World counter

Usage Regulations:

  • Free limitless entries with door cards
  • Limited to 30 min max. Cannot use consecutively

Body and hot spring perfect integration, enjoy white sulfur spring water, take in all of the beautiful views of the Dan-Feng Mountain.
Enjoy the warm world for body and mind in the green mountains. Experience Japanese style and charm and totally relaxes the body and mind.
The Asia Pacific Hotel fulfills all demands for hot springs.
Be insulated from the annoying and noisy world, and breathe the fresh air in a quiet atmosphere in secrecy.
Calm the mind and talk with yourself.