Located on Floor G, the Green Restaurant can accommodate up to 120 people and have indoor and outdoor areas. It creates an elegant and quiet atmosphere with natural wood furniture. While dining, you can also gaze out at the beautiful views of Guanyinshan. The Green Restaurant provides delicate Chinese dishes: the perfect combinations of classic dishes with innovative tastes, transformed into amazing gourmet dishes. The breakfast is primarily in the Western style. Chinese cuisines are provided during lunch and dinner time in sets, single orders and semi-buffet forms to satisfy the palates of gourmets. The all-day banquet provides the most cost-effective enjoyment for your taste buds. The chef integrates Chinese cuisines with new tastes and exhibits Guangdong ingenuity to the fullest.

Restaurant Business Hours:
Breakfast:Mon - Fri: 07:00-10:00 / Sat - Sun: 07:00-10:30 |Lunch:11:30-14:00 |Afternoon Tea:14:30-16:30|Dinner:17:30-21:00


The Green Restaurant provides variety dining service, Hong Kong Chef designed the set menu and semi-buffet main course, using classic Guangdong cooking style with Taiwanese dishes, and Surf & Turf plentiful feast. Fresh Ingredient and delicate cooking, amazing your taste. Semi-Buffet dishes are very plentiful. Multinational delicate dishes includes Chinese, West, Japanese, South Asia food, creative and variety change, taste good and unadulterated. Dinner service is subject to availability.


Afternoon Tea

Delicate Green Afternoon Tea Set Meal Form. Chef's hand-made sweet/savory desserts are rich and meticulous. Sweet&Savory dessert sets are delicate and tasty in sufficient amounts. Selected tea warms the heart and stomach.


Lunch Set

Provides Chinese cuisine sets in two prices: Welcoming Sunrise Set $1,500 /person; Green Set $1,080 /person. The classic Chinese cuisines are prepared via traditional methods. The long-boiled broths are tasty. You can taste the essences inside and the ingenuity of the Chinese cuisine.


Single Order

The Green Restaurant not only provides set menus, the Semi Buffet also provides single orders. The hidden classic Chinese dishes can be ordered and tailored to your taste. We await you to taste the Cantonese chef's expert cooking methods, good and fresh food ingredients, and the most exquisite Chinese cuisines.


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