The Breath in the Mountain Forest

Move to Nurture the Body, Rest to Nurture the Mind; Dance across Beitou in your Imaginations

The elegance of Asia Pacific Hotel, Beitou is unique. The architect, Hirosawa Eiichi, cleverly blocked the outside view out of the building, creating Asia Pacific Hotel's exclusive silent beauty of the "Dan-Feng Mountain". The lush mountain forest landscape with occasional clouds is healing and charming. It makes for the best remarks for the "Rest to Nurture the Mind" of the Asia Pacific Hotel, Beitou.

The appearance of the Asia Pacific Hotel primarily adopts basic black and white tones. The black represents Ketagalan's simplicity; the white represents Beitou’s hot springs that are shrouded in fog and mist; and black and white also represent how the Asia Pacific Hotel opens its doors to service the travelers day and night. It is the first time that the hotel's service philosophy is incorporated into its exterior design. The Japanese architect utilized the method of leaving blanks to retain the outdoor plaza of hundreds of pings in front of the hotel; it is quite amazing. Stand in the middle, sounds of frogs and cicadas fill the lush green. In the Spring and Summer, butterflies fly and plum blossoms bloom. When facing the embrace of the green mountains, the beautiful view of interlacing lights and shadows is extremely refreshing: "Dance across Beitou in your Imaginations."

Beitou's first dynamic hotel is built here. It has the nation's first large AR/VR experience area. There are also a myriad of dynamic courses designed by the professional staff, including the Family Swimming Area, water fitness courses and water acrobatic activities to fully implement Asia Pacific Hotel 's , Beitou business philosophy of "Move to Nurture the Body", making Beitou more than just hot springs.

There are 140 Japanese-type Zen rooms: Superior, Deluxe and AP Suite. The people-oriented design focuses on a humanitarian atmosphere of the human touch. Original wood floors with natural wood furniture convey the Asia Pacific Hotel's temperate service. A space with 10 + pings; it fuses the concepts of natural simplicity with modern Japanese designs to create a warm and comfortable living space. The traditional Japanese tatami-style guest room affords an experience of the Japanese style and charm, creating a sense of home. The luxurious room shares an exclusive tea area with a sense of Zen. There is also a spacious and independent hot spring tub and exclusively established raw stone cold water bowl that uses alternating cold and hot water to nurture life, cleanse and renew the soul. Enjoy the tranquil and relaxing time for the body and mind.

The 1F LOHAS World is both entertainment and physical and psychological health. The most special thing is the only virtual reality experience area in hotel. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Experience Area is lots of fun, we also have extremely educational Paint the Ocean Family Area and Table Game Area, we have also organized various hands-on DIY courses to provide families. Additionally, the Family Swimming Area filled with light and sound effects, especially organized a series of water courses, including water fitness and water aerobatics. The Poolside Lounge is a secret base amidst the mountain forest that allows you to enjoy a fashionable style hidden in the mountain forest. Beitou is not only for hot springs.

The thick beauty spring of charming and curing white sulfur spring waters is Asia Pacific Hotel's primary spring water. The water is milky and is able to soften skin keratin, promote blood circulation and alleviate physical exhaustion. The Japanese Zen public hot spring adopts the full-nude system. Via hot spring pools of different temperatures and outdoor shoulder massaging springs, the body and mind are totally relaxed and the heart comforted. The characteristic outdoor hot spring rooms take in all of the beautiful views of the Dan-Feng Mountain. Enjoy the warm world for two in the green mountains. The traditional Japanese-style tatami hot spring rooms come with the natural aura of rush that totally relaxes the body and mind. Experience Japanese style and charm. The Asia Pacific Hotel fulfills all demands for hot springs. Be insulated from the annoying and noisy world, and breathe the fresh air in a quiet atmosphere in secrecy. Calm the mind and talk with yourself.

Upon entering the Asia Pacific Ballroom on the 6th floor, you enter a dream world of changing colors. The large waterfall-like crystal chandelier is dazzling and charming; the new audio-visual equipment make stage events even more diverse; and add the open-air marriage ceremony on Floor G's outdoor plaza on top of all that, it makes the Asia Pacific Ballroom the hottest locale for wedding banquets and spring banquets. The Asia Pacific Ballroom can accommodate up to 40 tables and is the largest ballroom in all of Beitou. The Phoenix Banquet on Floor G is surrounded by the mountains outside and shrouded in the green and comes with an independent balcony. It is a favorite among conference-goers. The Phoenix Banquet is, therefore, the most popular conference room.

A dining environment surrounded by green mountains. The Green Restaurant on Floor G creates an elegant and quiet atmosphere with natural wood furniture. While dining, you can also gaze out at the beautiful views of Guanyinshan. Delicate Chinese cuisine: the perfect combinations of classic dishes with innovative tastes are transformed into dishes of amazing tastes. The breakfast is primarily in western style. Chinese cuisines are provided during lunch and dinner time in sets, single orders and semi-buffet forms to satisfy the palates of gourmets. The all-day banquet provides the most cost-effective enjoyment for your taste buds.

A top-level premium simplistic Zen feeling is created with warm earth tones and stone materials. Different treatments are offered based on the seasons, providing a top aromatic treatment service. At the SPA on the 2nd floor, let us learn how to slow down our steps, nurture the body and mind, recharge the body and mind again, and enjoy the comfort of full-body relaxation. Body and Spring's Exchange, Sit and Enjoy the White Sulfur Hot Springs, The Conversation Between the Mind and the Mountain, Exclusively Own the Beautiful Views of Dan-Feng Mountains Come here and enjoy the nourishments of the White Sulfur Hot Springs. Be removed from the annoying and noisy world. Calm and organize your mind and thoughts. It is a place to unleash your body, heart and soul. This is a time to listen to the deep words from the bottom of your heart. While enjoying the warm white sulfur springs, embrace yourself and the space for a self-talk.

Body and hot spring perfect integration, enjoy white sulfur spring water, take in all of the beautiful views of the Dan-Feng Mountain.
Enjoy the warm world for body and mind in the green mountains. Experience Japanese style and charm and totally relaxes the body and mind.
The Asia Pacific Hotel fulfills all demands for hot springs.
Be insulated from the annoying and noisy world, and breathe the fresh air in a quiet atmosphere in secrecy.
Calm the mind and talk with yourself.