A more premium top-level enjoyment in Japanese Zen's simplistic landscape style. Sunlight spills warmth across the whole room, making the spacious living room even more relaxing. Warm tone sofa quality, so you can enjoy your free leisure time on the sofa. Enjoy the premium hot-spring experience from the independent hot spring tub in the room. Switch from cold to hot baths. Rest to nurture your mind. The tea area's tea relieves the exhaustion of the soul. Enjoy the charming mountain view and tea.

AP Suite


Premium heart-warming enjoyment. The suite offers about 20 pings of space with 1 large bed, 2 medium beds. The underlay-less beds offer more freedom and relaxation. The warm tone sofa quality in the spacious living room makes you want to enjoy your time on the sofa.


AP Family Suite


A warm and happy family suite for 4 provides the illusion of about 20 pings of space with 2 large beds, a spacious living room, and warm tone sofa quality. The indoor independent hot/cold spring tub offers premium enjoyment. Swap cold and hot water to nurture the mind.


AP Japanese Style Premium Suite


Stay in the top-level premium Japanese Zen tatami-style suite for 4. The balcony area surrounded by the green outside has an independent outdoor octagonal tub. The view of the sunlight spilling down and the independent hot spring tub can cleanse and relax the body and mind.


Body and hot spring perfect integration, enjoy white sulfur spring water, take in all of the beautiful views of the Dan-Feng Mountain.
Enjoy the warm world for body and mind in the green mountains. Experience Japanese style and charm and totally relaxes the body and mind.
The Asia Pacific Hotel fulfills all demands for hot springs.
Be insulated from the annoying and noisy world, and breathe the fresh air in a quiet atmosphere in secrecy.
Calm the mind and talk with yourself.