Pool / Family Swimming Area

The spacious and bright swimming pool creates a leisurely atmosphere. When sunlight spills into the waves and ripples, it is beautiful. The Zoning-Out Kiosks at the sides of the pool are filled with the holiday spirit. Have a good time. When the light hits the poolside at night, the radiant lighting transforms the pool into a party-style socializing space. The Family Swimming Area besides the swimming pool is a great place for families to have some quality time. The LOHAS World offers a series of water courses, planning water activities to improve stamina and energy, including water fitness and 1 water aerobics.

Pool Specifications:
Length: 20m, Width: 5m, Depth: 120cm
Warm swimming pool is about

Opening Hours:
Daily Opening Hours: 09:00-22:00
Last Daily Entering Hours 21:00
Daily Maintenance Hours: AM12:00-PM1:00 (Pool closed), PM6:00-PM7:00(Pool closed)
Refer to on-site public announcement. Sudden changes will not be notified


Adult: $600/person, Child: $400/person for 2 hours. Overtime charge is $200 for adults, $150 for children and is charged per 30 minutes.

  • Free limitless entries with door cards
  • Children below age 12 / 130cm must be accompanied by parents
  • Contact the lobby receptionist for water activity reservations
  • It is necessary to wear a swimsuit、 swimming trunks and swimming cap when entering the pool
  • Please refer to hotel announcements for water courses and must be reserved when checking in

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